Are you sure this harmonica wasn't made in Germany?”

— Jake

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Is it possible that great harmonicas can come from China?  I have played DOZENS of Chinese harmonicas.  Up until the Easttop, most of them have been absolute junk.  A few are better than others, but most were just terrible.

I'd seen comments, watched reviews, and heard great feedback about the Easttop harps so I snagged a few.  I was immediately impressed.  Airtight, responsive, heavy, in tune, and comes in a zippered pouch.  It wasn't love...but it was a pleasant surprise.  

Each Easttop has been played heavily and is still standing up well.  All of them have been consistent (read/watch other reviews...they'll tell you the same thing almost across the board) and for the can't beat them.

Since these were so good, I started checking out other Chinese harps, especially those bearing the Brendan Power stamps.  Brendan is obviously a respected player, teacher, and innovator and his harps are amazing quality and are a great value.

To answer the question...  Are Chinese harmonicas getting better?  YUP!


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